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Covid Safety Measures

Hello Dancers and Parents!

We have made a video to show our new policies for entering the studio since we will be rehearsing in the studio for our upcoming Pop-Up Performance!

Please view video and read list and be sure to make your dancer aware of the new policies so they are ready to return to dance!

Thank you !!!

Mulford Dance Studio Safety Procedures 2020 Guidelines from the CDC and Governor’s orders

Safety Measures Web Page 1. Markings inside and outside of building for social distancing 2. Six foot squares taped off in each room for dancers to have their own dance space 3. Wait in line outside until directed into building 4. We will take each dancers temperature. If it is over 99, we will send them home 5. Dancer will use hand sanitizer at Sanitation Station 6. Dancers will wait on colored stars, spaced 6’ apart, before entering room 7. Once in room, teacher will direct them to their yellow spot to place their belongings. We ask dancers to bring only what is necessary for that class 8. Teacher will direct them to their own square to take class 9. Masks are required at all times for anyone in the studio 10. NO PARENTS IN LOBBY. Parents may wait in car or come back. Parents of students under age 5 may come in to the building with their child but must maintain social distancing and wait in lobby. Parents may not stand at viewing window. 11. Cubbies and tables may not be used in lobby. 12. We ask parents to have dancer use bathroom at home before class to limit use of studio lavatory. 13. No food in studio 14. Classes will be let out 10 minutes early to allow for cleaning and making room for next group of dancers 15. Parents may meet dancers outside at door to pick up their dancer 16. Studios and lobby will be mopped and barres wiped down between classes  See you Soon! Miss Kim and Staff!

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