Covid Safety Measures

Mulford Dance Studio Safety Procedures 2021

Guidelines from the CDC and Governor’s orders

We made the video below when we first returned to in person classes. Most of the rules are the same. Please read below for updates.


For Season 2021-2022 Updates

Please note that updates will be made as necessary. Things are always changing concerning masking so we will update if needed.


-In-Studio Plan

We will begin the 2021-2022 Season offering in-studio for our classes. 

***We will transition to the Virtual only in the event of a government shutdown or studio closure.***


Virtual Plan

In the event of a government shutdown or studio closure, all classes will transition to virtual instruction. At this time, all students will utilize their assigned Zoom code to access class at the regularly scheduled class time. For example, if your class time is Monday at 4:00, you will log in to your class each week on Monday at 4:00.

If after two weeks of virtual instruction, we are still on the Virtual Plan. Families who choose to not participate in virtual learning after two weeks, may freeze their account and receive a credit for the balance of the current quarter to use toward future classes. Credits will not be given before the built-in two weeks of virtual learning via the Virtual Plan. Refunds for tuition will not be issued after September 1st even under the Virtual Plan.

Makeup Classes 2021-2022

Makeup classes will only be done in person. No zoom makeups.

Face Masks- please check back regularly as things change frequently.

~Face masks are mandatory for all students for entering the building and in the lobby.

~Face masks are mandatory for all students ages 3-11 in class.

~Face mask are optional for classes ages 12+over. If a class has mixed ages, we will determine the average age and whether or not masks are required. If your child is in a class where masks are optional, you may opt to find another class.



*Payment Structure for 2021-2022

We are accepting quarterly payments only. 

In order to have less contact, we are going to move to all online payments. Please use your email we have on file to enter your account. Please check with us to confirm your email. Do not start a new account if you are a current student.  

No tuition refunds will be issued after September 4th. If at any time you wish to discontinue, we ask that you finish out the quarter or 8 week session then you will not be obligated to continue once the quarter/session has ended. 



Recital 2022 Plan


As of now, we plan to hold a traditional recital [Option A] with costumes however, costumes will need to be paid for by November 15th and ordered in December to be received in time for recital.

That being said, the decision to continue with a normal costumed recital [Plan A] will need to be made by November 1st. If, by November 1st, it is uncertain or if costumes are not a viable option for recital, we will switch to Plan B- a recital or performance (whichever is allowed by June) with class wear or other alternative “costumes”. 



Parents/Waiting Room

The in-studio waiting room will be closed to parents of students over age 4. For parents dropping off ages 1-4 you may escort your dancers into the studio but we ask you to leave once your child enters the dance room. You are welcome to come back in to meet your child in the lobby to pick them up to go home.

*If a parent needs to come in to the studio, we ask you to call first when possible. We will only let two people in lobby at a time and only when students are not in lobby. 


Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

Don't be early/Don't be late when dropping off and picking up your child to dance. 


Safety procedures implemented for our Students/Staff

-Closed in-studio waiting room to reduce exposure to families, students and staff 

-Minimize use of studio hand props during class

-In-Studio Plan and Virtual plan in case of government shutdown or studio closure

-All Staff will wear a mask at all times

-All customers must wear a mask inside building

-All students age 3 and older will wear a mask during class

-Marked dance spaces on each dance floor

-Marked spots for dancer’s belongings on each dance floor

-Soap dispensers in bathrooms

-Safety barriers at the front desk

-Touchless hand sanitizer at our Sanitation Station

-Temperature checks for staff and students- we no longer are taking temperatures

-Limited class sizes

-Some staggered class times

-Shortened class times to clean studios and ensure safe entrances and exits to class

-Modified Pick up/Drop off procedures

-Floors, mats, barres, handles, surfaces will be cleaned between all classes

-Bathrooms will be cleaned after each use

-The entire studio will be professionally cleaned weekly from top to bottom