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Notes from Parents

Recital 2022


The recital was great.  The audience response was outstanding.    The teachers were fantastic.   But most importantly, the dancers were the top of the line and ready for the Rockettes.   We all loved!  Thanks so so much

Rosie Hymerling

Recital Live-Stream 2022

It was perfect. I was SO impressed with the caliber of your performers and it was so well run. Kudos!!

Carolyn Salmon [July 2022]

I enjoyed the performances immensely!  I commend your school on the classic looking costumes the children wore and, of course, the dances themselves were extraordinary. 

Paul Z [July 2022]

I want to start by saying thank you for providing such a positive and inspiring dance experience for my daughter, Ella. Your studio continues to surpass our expectations by providing the rigorous instruction, compassionate staff, and uplifting self esteem!
~Colleen Mekosh [June 20th, 2022]

We have had at least one child enrolled at Mulford Dance Studio consistantly for the last 19 years! I think that's testimony in itself, but I'm going to go on and tell you why. This studio is professional, with very experienced and talented teachers who are always continuing their education. The owner and director, Kim Mulford Farmer is personable and knowledgeable with a lifetime of experience of performing, teaching and choreographing. The studio is diverse, offering many styles of dance for the recreational dancer and the more serious performer. My children have made amazing friends here and so have I. They have performed in many Thanksgiving day parades, the cherry blossom parade in Washington DC, the Miss America parade in Atlantic city, competitions, local Christmas parades, mall performances and many more!! I think preparing to and performing, including the end of the season recital has helped our kids to be more confident and have higher self esteem. Mulford is in its 69th year of business and we are so happy to still be a part of it!!
~Dawn Foster [Sept 17, 2021]

I can’t imagine my daughter dancing for another studio. Mulford Dance Studio is by far the most family oriented facility around. Aubrey  is so welcomed each and every time we enter the building for class. From the front desk to the teachers we love each and every person. Mulford Dance Studio is a tremendous place with amazing workers. They care for your child like it’s their own. My daughter Aubrey has dance with Ms. Ariana the last three years and she refuses to dance with any other teacher . Ms. Ariana is patient with the little girls and make each and every class fun and exciting. The studio is always clean and ready to go for each and every dance class. The owner Ms.Kim is not like your normal business owner that just takes your money and you never hear from her. She knows each and every child at the school and also gets right back to you when you contact her about any possible issues you may have. She is there with you every step of the way to make your life easier. Mulford Dance Studio is by far the best dance studio in South Jersey.
~Danielle Tomlin [8/30/2021]

Aubrey Smith [Tomlin].png

To say that Mulford Dance Studio is a family is an understatement.  We have been members of the Mulford Dance Family since 1975 including two generations of dancers.  Mulford not only has top notch, professionally certified instructors, but also offers something just as important - they foster a love for dance as well as self confidence in all of their students in a loving and fun environment. Along with professional training, the staff emphasizes well-rounded students.  The studio offers something for everyone - from the recreational dancer to many challenging company levels with opportunities to compete and perform.  Mulford Dance Studio is waiting for you to join their family.
- Judy Stokes

The Mulford Dance Studio is a second home for our family.  The teachers have a way of bringing out the best in all of their students.  The studio gives the kids a wonderful exposure to the many levels of performances from volunteering to performing on television. Their dance instruction and technique is by far the best in the South Jersey area. 
- Tricia Little


When the world shut down and tragedy struck our family, dance was the one constant in our daughter’s life. It was the piece of normal that she needed during the most difficult time. Whether it was online or in-person, we knew she would be greeted with familiar faces of the teachers she loves so much. Dance kept her strong and focused. We know she is cared for and loved when she is at Mulford and we couldn’t be more grateful.
- Lindsay Quinn
[August 2021]

Baylee Quinn pic 2.jpg

There’s no place we would rather be then MDS. From the school, staff, dancing, competitions, to the life long friendships we have made. We are one big happy family. We can’t picture ourselves anywhere else. We love MDS and glad we can call it our second home. <3
~Melissa Meischke
[August 2021]

Audrina and Addison pic.jpg

I could never take for granted the culture of kindness at Mulford Studio. When my children first began taking classes at Mulford I thought how lucky it is to meet so many nice kids there, and how lucky their parents are lovely too. I soon after noted how similarly caring the instructors are and my goodness, this must be the friendliest group of teenagers I have literally ever met. I have since realized of course this isn’t luck at all. This is a deliberate culture of support, carefully procured, thoughtfully maintained and consistently role modeled. In my children I see the benefits of this culture day in and day out. They are self-assured and confident. They are generous in support of their peers and unwavering in their solidarity for the team. They are open to being unique or uniform, they are proud of their work in the front of the stage and in the back, they know they will be lauded when they succeed and buoyed when they fail. They are willing to try new things and accept new and different people because the tone for a nurturing environment was set long before they arrived. How unimaginably lucky am I to have found a community and a culture that has given this kind of freedom to my children.

May we all be so lucky.

~Pam Levin [August 30, 2021]

- Marie Harvey, Parent

I'd just like to say thank you so much for all you and the teachers are doing to keep the kids engaged and connected. It has been a blessing. 

- Jenny Christmas, Parent

You and your staff have been extremely communicative during this pandemic. Our family deeply appreciates how quickly you all jumped in to making classes and engagement happen at home.

-Christine O’Malley, Parent
Christine O’Malley, Parent

Hi Miss Kim!I hope all is well with and your family! Thank you for all that you and your staff have been doing during these difficult times!  Once, again thank you!!-

- Danny Collins , Parent

Thank you for going above and beyond with all the zoom classes for all the dancers. My daughters love the classes and seeing thier teachers. 

And More...

Nothing but love felt through the email in a really scary time. - Jackie 

The email was incredible and really speaks volumes of the studios dedication to its students and its passion for dance. 
Amelias mom 

Makes you proud to be a student/parent there for sure!
Jill McDevitt

We are so lucky to be part of such a great dance school, the amazing teachers, the love and family atmosphere is like no other - we will all get through this together. 
Kristen Jacurak 

That place, those classes and you guys have been one of the most consistently positive elements of me and my kids past few years and thankfully nothing about that has changed despite every other unpleasantness around. Family is healthy but scared. Work is not ideal. But that studio is still just all good news.

Thanks goodness for it. 
Pam Levin 

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